Gone Camping

10:26 AM

Mouse Mountain!! Creepy, I know

At the rest stop there was a semi truck carrying hundreds of fire hydrants
If I were a Dalmation...It kicked the bucket, I'm afraid...
I wandered in the roadside ditch taking pictures while we waited for the Strom's car to stop complaining.

Mr. Humongous Beetle is trying to fly away. He landed in the white bin. I got to hold him for a bit. He tickles.
Egyptian War for the millionth time.

East Lake, in view of Paulina Peak. We stood at the tip tip top actually, with a view of the whole valley.
This log is affectionately called the Grunt Stool. Don't ask
Meet Professor Fatso. He and I got acquainted.

This is how he earned his name

The Lava Tubes

Deep within

This is a place where those who chicken out can recline

Only the few and the brave continued into the crushing unknown. Filthy knees are a badge of honor and courage.

It actually got even worse further down...
On the way back. Finally we can stand straight again!

Emerging from the cave

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