Today was the day that all days should be

10:15 PM

My heart is so full, I'm starting to leak. In the form of a blogpost.
Sometimes I wonder if anyone in the world has it as good as me!

We are adding on to our house. My brother-in-law, who has sweet-carpentry-skills, comes every day to build, and Caleb and I enjoy hanging around and helping immensely. That is, we immensely enjoy helping. But we do hang around immensely. I can't vouch for the helping.
I have to say this. Sewing, Drawing, and Philosophizing about all things known to myself are lovely, fulfilling pasttimes, but they don't bring the same satisfaction that shoveling for hours, pulling nails, yanking boards around, and getting covered with concrete dust bring to one's inner area where satisfaction is typically stored. Uh-huh.

But today was unusually groovy. My younger brother and I squeezed into Nathanael's truck and we went to the Hardware store. I was already approximately filthy and I felt a certain pride in my hillbillyishness. Caleb and I munched popcorn that is always served hot there, and admired the store's selection of Diablo saw blades, and menacing hammers. After Nathanael had purchased the lumber he needed, we scooted back home. The glory of the cool morning nearly took my breath away, that and trying to avoid choking on my popcorn. Lo and behold, when we pulled into the driveway, my sister was there!! My adorable nephews were there too, to spend the day!! And oh I wish I could describe the...the...I don't know...the awesomeness of today!

A charter technician dropped by and I couldn't help but wonder what impression he got of us. The laundry basket was overflowing with mis-matched socks in the living room, and stuffed animals and toys for the nephews graced the premises. The whole house was ringing with the sound of Nathanael hammering away, and my sister's cooking permeated the vicinity with epicurean aromas. Caleb and little Boone were squirting eachother in the back yard with squirt guns, and little James was snoozing in his car seat, in the middle of the open floor, oblivious to the surrounding harmonious chaos. People...people....everywhere! I paused for a moment, taking it all in, and thought YES! This is IT! This is LIFE! This is how I want things to be like for as long as I live! Family. Together. Music. Productivity. Laughter. Noise. Sunshine. YES! Glory be to Him who is the Giver of all good things! Wow! Then, this evening, we went to a small party with friends, and I just felt so...blessed to have some incredible people to fellowship with! My face is still stiff from a perpetual grin. :)

Some people have a higher standard of living than I do, but most have it much, much worse. Though it is helpful to look to those richer than I to try and find humility, or to look at those poorer than I to learn to be content, comparison ultimately brings emptiness. It is when I turn my eyes to Him who gave me all things, without whom I'd be wallowing in my own sin, misery and self-absorption , that is when contentedness finds its place in my heart.

Lord, if it takes me a lifetime of blessing Your name to completely thank You for the mercies You have shown me this day, I praise You that You give me the chance of eternity to thank You for a lifetime of blessing, vapor though it is.

Today was the day that all days should be. Why? Because my King REIGNS!! was your day?

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