"Draidyn and the Dragon" by myself

10:36 AM

“Here, here my son, sit upon my knee,

Now, what fair tale shall I tell to thee?”

“Father, tell me of monsters, a Princess, a knight!”

“Ah, then ‘Draidyn and the Dragon’ you shall hear tonight:

Long ago, not far from here,

an old man was trudging homeward

When he spied a distant cottage, which in ruins now smoldered

His rheumatics forgotten, he broke into a run,

Once reaching the ashen heap, he suspected arson!

When finding fierce claw marks on the charred door,

His suspicions were confirmed even more.

“This is Dragon’s work.” he muttered, and he kicked a blackened chair

When an unmistakable child’s cry pierced the smoky air.

The man feverishly scrabbled through rubble and debris,

‘til at last the wailing babe, from the ashes, he pulled free

“Hush, hush, little boy,” he cooed, “Protection I pledge to thee,

Thou art the son I never had, thine father I shall be.

Thy new name is now Draidyn, for thou withstood the fire

Avenge your parent’s blood, may it be your heart’s desire.”

Seasons passed, and the child grew, the man was continually amazed

For the boy could play in the hearth, amid fire and flame, unscathed!

In the man’s heart, he understood, why this boy alone survived

And the truth of his parent’s death, from Draidyn he did not hide

Draidyn loved to read the scriptures, to ponder his Father’s love

It comforted him to know he served a Sovereign Lord above

Whenever he prayed, he sensed God’s will for his destiny

To destroy Zathura the she-Dragon, who slaughtered his ancestry

Full well, he knew God’s call was clear, and shan’t be put to test

So at age eighteen he grasped his sword and began this sacred quest

Farewell he bid to those he loved, but promised no return

In the village he questioned many, of the dragon he hoped to learn

Rumors spread like wildfire through the villages of the land

Of a God-sent boy in defiance, of Zathura would stand

In this way he bore their burden, all hopes were laid on him,

Yet their fervent prayers were a strong support, though the task was no less grim

News reached the king of the little realm, the boy’s sure fate he mourned

But every knight in the castle, Draidyn’s foolishness they scorned

However, King Thaedis could not ignore the boy’s bold Christian courage

Thus he pledged, “if the boy survives”, his daughter’s hand in marriage

The trouble was, the daughter he’d had was long ago snatched by Zathura

So “if she still lives, and if he succeeds, he probably wouldn’t mind marrying her.”

“Is that not how all fairy tales end, at least all the ones that I hear?

Those say nothing of kings losing their queens, their daughters and all that is dear.”

To be continued...

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