Draidyn and the Dragon part 2

8:43 PM

Draidyn refused to lose hope, and pressed on through Valley with fervor
The kind peasants he met, by generous gifts, completed his full suit of armor.
One humble peasant gave him his steed, the greatest gift of them all
Though riding was something which Draidyn knew not, he learned after many a fall

As the farms petered out, the terrain became rough, and a dark shape loomed far and distant
He knew it to be Mount of Zathura’s Lair, he recognized it in an instant
When Draidyn reached the root of its slopes, he recalled the legends and tales
That no man’s sword, no matter how strong, can pierce a she-dragon’s scales

“Lord,” he breathed, gazing at his sword, “Thou art my lone Provision”
This mere blade will save me not, I ask for Your Protection.”
What he did not know (he’d not been told) was the sense of a dragon’s nose
And that if a man, the mountain nears, the monster quickly knows

His steed gave a knicker, a moment passed, then a shadow fell all around
the horse reared back, eyes wide with fear, hurling Draidyn straight to the ground!
Not a second later, the boy was engulfed in a withering blast of heat
Zathura alighted, tossing her head, convinced of her foe’s defeat

Imagine with me, the extent to which, the monster was astonished
When he picked himself up off of the ground and waved his sword unvanquished!
An incinerating blaze she bequeathed to him, but was once again befuddled
to see him stand, his sword aglow, his melted armor puddled

As Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego had all withstood the flame,
Our hero had, by Providence, likewise endured the same!
Although, unlike King Nebuchadnezzar, Zathura did not relent
She bared her claws, and lashed with speed, his death her sole intent

‘tis said no dragon can ever fall, but by dragon’s pow’r alone
t’was dragon’s fire that lit his sword, so brightly red it shone
and as she struck to take his life, she found herself de-clawed!
In fury, the dragon struck again, but this time was de-pawed.

The blade, it glowed still brighter, as if in joyful glee
It danced, it shone, it stung until the monster turned to flee
But refuge, Zathura did not find, her neck soon lost its head
Thus the kingdom was avenged, its Behemoth was dead!

And in the moment the deed was done, the weapon’s light blinked out,
So Draidyn threw back his head, hills resounding with his shout
“Praise be to Him who gives strength to the weak, and power to the powerless!!
Justice is wielded in His hand to avenge the widowed and fatherless!!!”

To be continued...

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