Draidyn and the Dragon part 3!!!

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I know, it's been a long time coming!
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Our hero, once reaching the cavern’s mouth, dismounted and entered with care

When his eyes adjusted to the gloom, he gasped at what he saw there!

All ‘round the dragon’s cave were piles of glittering treasure

Gold, silver, precious jewels and riches beyond measure

But all of these stolen, beautiful gems, in Draidyn’s mind, did not compare

To the maiden he saw in the midst of it all, so lonely, so pale, so fair!

“Ahem,” he coughed, alerting the girl.”I suppose this may sound cliché,

But I’ve slain Zatura, that hideous beast, and I’d like bear thee away!”

“Lord bless thee!” she wept, and off they went; the treasures could wait until later

“Please, Draidyn, mayn’t we go to the king, for I am his long lost daughter?”

The king had never known such joy as he felt, that day whence they returned

But his daughter’s heart he did not hoard, for to Draidyn, it had turned

In Draidyn’s honor, a feast was prepared, for he dared to do what was right

And down on a knee, Draidyn knelt ‘fore the king, who dubbed him a “Valiant Knight”

But bittersweet was his victory, for his dear old man was dead

Yet through his sorrow, was joy abounding, for he and the Princess soon wed

And through the realm, the tidings were told, of Victory, Justice and Love

Then all the inhabitants marveled at this, praising their king above

The Lord blessed Draidyn’s wife with children aplenty, filling their home with laughter

And under this Provision and Protection, they lived happily…ever…after


And I finally sent it in!! Two days before deadline! Phew!

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