Wish you were here

5:15 PM

I'm in balmy Klamath Falls at the moment. Grandmother is taking me on a sightseeing trip. :) A sightseeing trip! We've seen...four(?) bald eagles, billions of red tail hawks, magpies, canada geese, kestrels, ducks, and others that I wouldn't remember the names of. I got up real close to a bunch of deer, and a gorgeous buck. The hills around here are epic.
I introduced Grandma to Brian Regan last night. We stayed at an old hunting lodge, and the owner's dog and I hit it off. He gave me a sloppy kiss, but he accidentally scratched my face when he put his paws on the back of my chair. I don't hold it against him. I forget to trim my nails sometimes too.
Today we looked at primitive scratchings of "prehistoric" natives on the side of a cliff-face. I almost lost the lunch I skipped when I watched a hawk eat its lunch of rodent entrails out in a field. I fetched the binoculars for a closer look.

I counted eight fighter jets flying overhead today.

Sometimes I think I have a really interesting life.

Everything is icy cold gorgeous barren desolate lonely windswept magnificent and breath-takingly beautiful out here. Wish you were here.

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