Beauty: It's gone out of fashion

4:23 PM


If you've never heard the term "Haute Coutoure", well, you're not missing anything. French for "high sewing", it's basically the use of people and "fashion" as an art form. I'm afraid, like most things that have emerged from France, it's...dare I say it...absurd. There you have it.

I find it remarkable that model scouts go through thousands of women and only pick the tall, skinny, beautiful, and flawless women, and then completely hack up their hair, make them look as extra-terrestrial as possible.

Uselessness is apparently highly "haute" these days. Pointlessly impractical clothing is oh so cutting edge. Most people wouldn't be caught dead wearing the majority of modern runway fashions but they'll ooh and ah at them on page.

So, what is beauty?

For some reason these two following paintings have always been iconic to me as Beautiful.

Her eyes are so real, and I'm always drawn to try and decipher her expression. Is she looking at or past me? She has a soft beauty that is most captivating.

Such poise! Such grace! What calm benevolence, serenity, and self-assurance!

Beauty, to me, has more to do with attitude than attire. The Girl with a Pearl Earring is simply dressed, wearing little adornment (besides the pearl, of course).
In the second painting, Leonardo DaVinci has only detailed the lady's face, and the effect is far more eye-catching than if he had completed the rest of her.

What do you associate in your mind as beautiful?

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