Crash before it's too late

10:18 AM

Yes. Tomorrow morning I shall bid farewell to my oh-so-cozy bed at an ungodly hour, squeeze into stiff and starchy dress clothes and go to a speech tournament. I have so many preparatory things to do today that I just don't know what to do with myself. So I made myself a cute check-off list, just like my big brother (Master Check-Listerer). I set to work for an hour or two, digging through my closet and drawers, and Caleb's closet and drawers looking for matching outfit ingredients. I got them all coordinated, ironed almost everything, hung them up in our rooms and crashed on the couch with my checklist. WHAT?!!! Only two tiny boxes to check off?!! I'm appalled. I should have written my checklist like this:

  • Walk to bedroom ecstatically
  • rummage through closet for forever with perseverance
  • dig for eternity through Caleb's crammed drawers with fervor
  • iron diligently
  • run two loads of laundry with valor
  • hang finished product triumphantly!
That means many much more tiny boxes to check off. More impressive=more ego.

And now I am wasting my time posting about this because I have to crash sometime and I'd rather it be today as opposed to tomorrow

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