Official Freakout Time

4:23 PM

I've made a mess of the beginning of my speech year. I edited and tried three different interpretive speeches through the winter trying to decide on something before settling on my current HI (Humorous Interp). Problem; I picked it two days ago, and have only five more days to memorize it. :) Pathetic.
I'm surprised I'm even on the computer right now. I think I'm going into denial.

Now this fellow that I know, he operates under the name of Creighton, is, as I tell my friends, my inspiration in interp memorization. He "memorized" a ten minute Dramatic Interpretive speech on the way to a tournament, and got (correct me if I wrong) SECOND PLACE. But then again, Creighton is Creighton, and I'm not, so I can't expect to do so well on so little memory. But, golly.

I have no negative debate brief to speak of, and I haven't given an impromptu for months. My Duo partner and I are...*ahem*...self-diagnosed procrastinators, so we're scrambling to memorize. Hey, but we'll match!

Bring it ON.

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