That still small voice...

7:52 PM

I'm not super spiritual. *shrug* I say this meaning that I struggle to think outside the box, my box, my little material box. "Real" to me means something I've physically experienced.

But I am a spiritual being. I am what C.S. called "amphibious"; half material, half spiritual. Some days I cannot deny that there is something in me somewhere that doesn't fit in this dimension, and some days there is a something or a someone that keeps tugging me deep within towards that dimension to which my soul yearns to call home.

Today was one of those days.

Can I deny that I was made for something more? I am learning to listen to that still small voice that keeps beckoning me to see with more than just my eyes, to feel without my hands, to hear more than the static chaos of my everyday world. The more I listen to that voice, the closer I feel to the heaven I was made for.

You ought to listen too. And who knows where you'll find yourself.

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