My Graduation Speech

7:56 AM

If I were to summarize for you my favorite thing about being homeschooled, I’d say it’s simply the freedom.

One day, when I was a wee six year old, and incarcerated in a public elementary school, a rumor was spreading through the second grade. This rumor eventually got to me over lunch in the cafeteria, and went something like this.

“Alexa, did you hear, we’re going to be in school for thirteen years. Thirteen”

A wave of panic and despair washed over me. Good grief, I had only been around on this blessed earth for six years, thirteen was twice over my lifetime! I lost interest my government-subsidized lunch.

Thankfully, after a few years, my parents declared an Emancipation Proclamation. I was going to be homeschooled.

Looking back, I can say that that was one of the best decisions my parents have ever made for me, and I hope to do the same for my own children.

At public school I was taught I originated from an ape, at home I was taught that I was made in the image of a loving, sovereign God. At school I learned from peers that my siblings were enemies, at home they became my strongest allies.

It was at home where I flourished in my newfound freedom, blazing through textbooks faster than you can say Robinson Curriculum, all done whilst wearing my pajamas. God has used my parents to instill in me a delight in learning, a hunger for meaningful conversation, an appreciation for history and the lessons it teaches, and a desire to live my life in accordance with God’s Word.

I have come to know God through this freedom. My study of physics, chemistry and calculus have revealed to me the mind-blowing intelligence, order and precision of the Creator if the Universe. I’ve seen His Beauty through studying biology, art, photography, music. I’ve seen the hand of Providence in history. I am so thankful for the freedom to explore further up and further in the wisdom and knowledge that God has founded the world upon.

I praise God for my parents, my siblings, my relatives, my friends and mentors who have contributed immensely to my academic journey. I am so excited to see what God wants to do with me next.

Back in second grade, when I first learned I was sentenced to thirteen years of schooling I had no concept of how freeing a lifetime of learning could be. Knowledge without God is bondage, yes, but knowledge of Him, why that’s the foundation of liberty and freedom.

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