The Truth About Being Alone

11:46 AM

We have our fancies.

Ah, to belong to someone!
To sit with them and sigh and have nothing particular to say but sweet endearing silence!
To be full 'til bursting with delight and joy each time they say our name.
Ah, to know and be known, to cherish and be cherished, to own and be owned.
To wonder how we ever once upon a time managed to be Alone.

But why, I ask, must we live for the somedays and not-yets, when love has come and is here for us in our solitude? True, the suspense is greater, and the senses the fainter; for our Lover is not to be seen. But the joy is deepest and endurance the longest to first know the love of our King!
And who knows if that day will come when flesh and blood will be ours to love, but the waiting is far from bitter, if indeed our heart has found its home.

Sweet Jesus, You confound us with Your Love! Oh love, how it refines and redeems! It throbs in our hearts, we cannot stay silent for JOY!
With You,

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