To set the record straight

8:37 AM

I was home-schooled.
Above is a picture documenting what finally forced me to become a studious child. Let's say I didn't have much else to do.

BUT--I was also public-schooled.
So I think I have some perspective on both types of schooling that *ahem* gives me some credibility, ifIdosaysomyself.

Here's me ^ still being studious. The beaming chap next to me was the first kid I ever had a crush on, and of course you and I are wondering, in retrospect, what was I thinking. ANYway.

Here's me enjoying lunch. I was always the marvel for my skill to put away food. After all, look at that appealing stuff, wouldn't you do the same?
We'll just move along now.

I hear a lot of fellow home-schoolers wanting to debunk myths that public-schoolers have about us, but I would like to set the record straight. Home-schoolers have stereotypes about public-schoolers too!

And for the sake of sanity I shall call home-schoolers "homies" and public-schoolers...uh... "P.S.ers"

To you P.S.ers

Homies are like you. There are sociable homies, awkward homies, athletic homies, drop-out homies and and over-achiever homies. And just like at your school, the ones among us who are the smartest tend to dress a little funny. I even personally know several homies who have gone criminal. Go figure.

To you Homies!
P.S.ers are like you too! Some can speak intelligently to adults, use the word "too" correctly, and BELIEVE OR NOT not every has belt-altitude issues.

I've met some incredible, godly, and articulate P.S.ers who are sold out for the Lord.

So what I'm trying to say here is that stereotypes will always exist, and it would be to our credit to avoid them. It's just as easy for homies to huddle and point at those 'illiterate-media-obsessed-rebels' as it is for P.S.ers to mock those 'awkward-nose-picking-nerds'.

THAT BEING SAID, there is a REASON that I prefer home-schooling to public-schooling, and it has very little to do with all the stereotypes involved.

I WILL homeschool my kids for several reasons:

1) It was God's plan for parents. The way I see it is public-schooling is a lot like Polygamy and smoking. The bible never gave us a rule to say it's wrong, BUT it gave us clear blueprints for what God intended. Read Deuteronomy 6.

2) Public-Education has a lousy pedagogy for academic excellence. My dad's an elementary School teacher and he would tell you right off that he's a babysitter of the masses. Kids aren't sent to school these days to just be educated because no one in their right minds would put 20 children under one adult and think that that would do it. Private tutoring works best if the objective is to LEARN.

3) Home-education costs the state NOTHING.

4) Home-education is a safer environment for socialization.
The kind of uncivilized socialization that I acquired in elementary school was not necessary. I actually had never even heard the words "believe in yourself", or the term "self-esteem" at home, but the greatest wounds to my self-worth and image were inflicted at school, where all those self-esteem posters were stapled up and down every hall. Ironic? A lot of the big words I like to use are from my parents, I mostly got four-lettered words from my peers. At home I learned how to work, do chores, take care of pets, and acquire basic life skills. At school, I can't think of EVER being taught about work-ethic or time-management. *Shrug* The home is a real place and a valuable cog of society whereas school is an artificial environment unlike anything in society other than factories and prisons.

5) Home-education is freedom. Freedom to wear pajamas, freedom to pray, freedom to not attend sex-ed. SCORE!

I probably have more reasons around here somewhere but that shall do for now.

What do you think?

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