Diary 2.0

6:54 PM

What have I become?
So caught up in false realities, fake heroes, empty facades! Wanting a world that is not mine, when all around me is a reality some only daydream about.
What if I am a story all of my own? Am I the character I'd even like to read?
I don't claim much beauty to be noticed; not much strength, brilliance or sacrifice to be remembered. I can't sing like an angel, fight like a vixen, or love like the Christ. What kind of legacy am I anyway? Chapter unremarkable me.
Who would read about the girl who reads away the daylight, who would watch the girl who watches the world pass her by on youtube? Skipping life to watch other people live!
This is what media does to me.
Surely to risk is to live. To serve is to thrive.

Imagine the girl who opens wide to the dangerous adventures life is anxious to hurl her way. Saving babies, sharing good news, falling in love, drawing magic imaginations, fixing broken things, finding treasures of the past, solving mysteries, making laughter, splashing light! Be the girl whose flaws are deep but forgiven, whose heart is anxious to forgive. Be the girl hardened to fear, pride and apathy, tender with compassion, trust and grace.
Live the story worth telling, the song worth singing.

No more escaping.

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