Plane to See

9:36 AM

I notice no one is filling the seat next to me.

Relieved, I stretch out my cramped legs into this newfound floor space. I peer through the window intently as we taxi back away from the terminal. The roar builds as the props begin to blur, and a light on the wing in my view blips as blindingly as a camera flash. I look around the cabin. There seems to be a distinct camaraderie among passengers who share a small-town destination. Quiet conversation and chatter fill the nooks of sound that the engine-drone leaves vacant. But I don’t mind having no one to talk to. I lean my forehead against the wall and chuckle inwardly at the ticklish buzz the vibrations give me when I touch my top and bottom teeth together. I’m still a bit of a child to be flying on my own. At last the pavement begins to smear and up, up, up we go! Below, the city grid glitters like ostentatious bling, rising and falling in my view as the plane wobbles its ascent. I wonder why I dislike cities so much. All the busy specks of lights, little roofs, little people living little lives, they all shrink to anonymity and obscurity beneath the condescending eye of a like-wise little airplane passenger. My smug pseudo-omniscience puddles when I realize God sees us all, the teeming specks that we are, yet decides to love us all the same. I try to love every pinpoint of light below, praying for this one and that one. Yeah right. I give up. Like I could do that.

But God can. And God does.

Marvel of marvels, what is man that you are mindful of him?

We could all use to fly from time to time. It reminds us that we’re not as a big a deal as we’d like to think, save for the fact that the Almighty chooses to be interested in us! Marvel of marvels!

I rest my head against the wall, braving the tickle, shut my eyes and give in to that dark peace of sleep.

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