Dear Year from Now

8:28 PM

Well, greetings from your dead past self, I hope this letter finds you well.
I ponder where time has brought you, ‘cuz from here I can never tell.
I envy you of your inside scoop, as my future is your past.
In great suspense I wonder who fills your stage’s cast!
What new mercies have you known, what errs have been forgiven?
To what great lengths to live in grace have you earnestly striven?
Do you drive a motorcycle, has some poor chap yet caught your fancy?
Are you chill with the life allotted you or are you restless, riled and antsy?
I hope your room is clean; your desk, your soul uncluttered.
Those chickens are probably laying, I hope you’ve kept them fed and watered.
Don’t forget to treat your lil bro like a man and stand ever sister strong.
What books have you imbibed, what new lyrics are ringing in your song?
Where have your feet taken you, what soaring sights have you drunk in with your eyes?
I hope you’ve cherished friendships, I hope you’ve tightened loose ties
Don’t lose your inner child; keep your heart open, your head small
Give like there’s nothing to lose, live like a thrilling free fall
And whatever you do, don’t look back, you’ve got so far to go
Don’t forget the Unchanging One walks with you, just like He did a Year Ago.

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