The Glorious NoWhere In Particular

5:55 PM


Sometimes you gotta just plan to abandon plans altogether.

You have to let down your hair (if you have enough, that is) and take off with no map and no common sense. 

I think it is very easy to lounge about in pilly polyester reading stirring maxims on how to live one's life, without the slightest idea of how to actually follow them. Pinterest and Facebook have got some of the most inspiring things to say, but really they're just quoting the courageous few who actually ran about and did rousingly meaningful things with their lives. The rest of us copy and paste their exclamations onto nice royalty-free photos of sunsets and fluffy-puppies-in-flower-pots and post them to our "walls", pin them to our "boards", or upload them to our instagrams. Ah, life has never been so organic.
 And then we do stumble upon a thing of wonder and beauty in real life, we double take and say, "Ish jush like shumfin I shaw on Pintrish!"

If you want a real thrill, step out your front door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.

That's what I did today and it was downright magical.

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