MySpace, ThySpace

5:04 PM

"Whatsoever I conceived, deprived of this space, seemed to me nothing, yea altogether nothing, not even a void, as if a body were taken out of its place, and the air should remain empty of any body at it were a spacious nothing...So also did I endeavor to conceive of Thee, Life of my Life, as vast, through infinite spaces, on every side penetrating the whole mass of the universe, and beyond it, every way, through unmeasurable boundless spaces, so that the earth should have Thee, the heaven have Thee, all things have Thee, and they be bounded in Thee, and Thou bounded no where. For as the body of this air which is above the earth, hindereth not the light of sun from passing through it, penetrating it, not by bursting or by cutting, but by filling it wholly: so I thought the body not of heaven, air, and sea only, but of the earth too, subject to Thee, so that in all its parts, the greatest as the smallest, it should admit Thy presence, by a secret inspiration, within and without, directing all things which Thou hast created. So I guessed, only as unable to conceive anything else, for it was false. For thus should a greater part of the earth contain a greater portion of Thee, and a less, a lesser: and all things should in such sort be full of Thee, that the body of an elephant should contain more of Thee than that of a sparrow, by how much larger it is, and takes up more room; and thus shouldest Thou make the several portions of the world, in fragments, large to the large, small to the small. But such art not Thou...For Thou Most High, and most near; most secret and most present; wholly every where, and nowhere in space, art not of such corporeal (physical) shape, yet hast Thou made man after Thine own image; and behold, from head to foot is contained in space..."

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