Riddles in the Dark

2:49 PM

We've had a long standing tradition in our family where Dad writes riddles for us to solve in order to find our stockings. Usually we pace about in agony whilst he smugly noodles on his guitar. He's impossible to shop for as he never wants anything for Christmas, so this year I decided to give him medicine. His own medicine, that is. 

I have a challenge to present to you
A bread-crumb trail of clues
And since you’ve got no time to lose
There’s no time like the present
And if you find something dry and fine
Resist the urge to hit the snooze
For if you do
How else will you
Get closer to your present?

A forest grows
Peppered with snow
And I am wielded everyday
To hold the shadows at bay

Hares munch and nibble much
And thus store lots of wares and such
They shall have to hop quite far
Since conies they from orient are

China Hutch
If one has contracted wanderlust
I’ve found
That trotting round’s
A must

There’s a metamorphosis that has nothing to do
With eons and eons and primordial goo
In fact its mutations are so slight and small,
It hardly should be called evolution at all
Combined with an undulation that eats at the sand;
The old man’s black box really ought to be banned

Aha I see your wits are keen
But can you locate where the gargoyles wait
Agape in depths unseen?

Paper-Mache Deep-Sea Fish
Beggars handle Adam’s mother

If opened, a man’s will turn wet red
But I, deep red, am closed
And although quite sturdy I may be
I’d hate to have fifteen men on me.

Red Chest

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