New Born

12:24 AM

I love
your barrel chest
that arches steeply
from your hidden little neck.
I love
your small shoulders,
the curves of your wiry, flailing arms.
The way
your hand grips my finger
"perfect fit."
I love
how, if I get close enough,
I can feel your breath tingling and thrilling my skin.
Your satin hair makes the fairest crown;
your head cradles warm in my hands.
Those searching eyes open to me a brand new soul.
Your little waist, I love how it merges your taut tummy to your bowed and knobby legs.
Your feet, so wrinkled-sole dainty dangle just nicely when I'm cradling you in the crook of my arm.
I want to trace every line, kiss every smile, squeeze and stroke, caress and poke every inch of this dear child.
When I hold you close I soar.

The way you need me makes me ferocious for you; I'm driven to be your Enough. Stay close to my heart little one, for it is tied to you so strong. I am weakened by your quiet power, I'm entranced by your essence small. Need me like I need you and together we've got it all.

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