Sweet & Stoic

1:48 AM

A heartbeat and a vigil
are all I’ve ever known.
Who can say I’m me when I’m asleep,
was that me before I’d grown?
I tried my hand at being dead
Since the moment that time began
Sandwiched between is 1993-?
(To that day I’ll be dead again)

We walk this precipitous gamble
each day that we abide;
uncertain and finite ignorant
if there’s life on the other side.
So we cling to hope in things unseen,
for a dark and silent sleep,
When for all we know we could find ourselves
weeping and gnashing our teeth.

What is truth, and what is me,
what is this thing that we call “real”?
Is there more beyond this realm of hear
Taste, smell and see and feel?

Once I dreamt that I’d been sent
By God to eternal hell,
It was a vast unknowing void
A lonely no words can tell.
Yet once I dreamt my soul, in death
from earth and self took flight
And in a shadow land I waited, gazed
toward a horizon’s light

I love the touch of wind on my skin,
how sunshine floods my heart
the song the swaying trees all sing
how the shore cuts the waves apart
But what is life, and joy and love
If this is all there is?
A breath, a vapor before the sun
‘Til swallowed by silent abyss

But Word has spread from ancient tongues
Of One who wrangled death
Of three day’s silence in a sealed tomb
Then shattered by life and breath
Could it be, O dare I hope
For faith is all we’ve got
That death is not defined at last
By rust, and moth and rot?

So in this life I’ll abandon it all
Since I’ve got nothing to lose
I will embrace to the bitter end
This message of good news

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