4:27 PM

I entered this poem in an essay contest and got a notification that I'm in the top 100 entries! I shall know next month if I've advanced to the top 10, and so on.

Why my mom is the greatest.

She is the very model of a modern Major Mother,
Her eminence is unsurpassed by Mums of any other,
Clever and cute, brown-eyed brunette; petite in build and stature,
She’s got a smile a mile wide with ready rapt’rous laughter.

In her crazy days, growing up, in wild and scenic Alaska,
She sang and strutted in a pageant and won the crown “Miss Sitka.”

She always was a straight-A girl, a high-school salutatorian,
Who dotted her i’s and crossed her t’s, a veritable moral Victorian,
She majored her Master’s in music, conducted choir, schooled Eskimo natives,
But she fell in love with a dance-band guitarist, (one of those free-spirited creatives).

They settled down and in no time they amassed a mess of five,
And in that bunch I consider myself blessed to be alive,
If I could travel back in time, at warp-speed oh so hyper,
I think I’d thank her every time she changed my dirty diaper.

She schooled us squirmies all at home, maverick that she is,
And transformed us each from drooling twit to academic whiz,
At home she loves to garden, reaping greatly what she sows,
An adoring troupe of chickens trail everywhere she goes.

She’s seen a lot of doctors for years of chronic pain,
But she chooses to be thankful every day, just the same,
So in light of all these qualities, I find it apt to say
I love my modern Major Mother, “Happy Mother’s Day!”

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