Little People, Big People

6:27 PM

So much power in so much tiny

I remember once my big brother ate some silica gel crystals out of one of those packets that says DO NOT EAT when he was like six. Mom said they were poisonous, so he started screaming, "I'M TOO YOUNG TO DIIIIEEE!" I waited in suspense for him to keel over and turn green. Young and simple-minded tykes though we were, we felt that being young was probably the best reason to not die.
When you're four-an'-a-half you think you're such a big kid because you wear genuine underpants. And adults are basically all knees and ankles so you're a little scared but mostly mystified at why they make such corny faces at you all the time. But there's no doubt in your mind that you're one-hundred-percent you and that you matter.

But then your bone plates expand, your brain cells replicate and you do enough stupid things to learn valuable lessons by way of elimination; you "grow up". You look back with snobbish hindsight and think you weren't really that much of a person when you were knee-high because you sure didn't perceive reality as intensely as  you do now. 
You know what I mean? 
Well, has it ever occurred to you that you didn't grow like brain cells and bone-plates? What if the moment you began you had this little flame in you that said, "I matter something special"? Even before your eyes could see, before your heart could beat, or even your brain could wave, you were a hundred-percent you, and you were too young to die.
That's called being human. 
"Human" is qualitative, not quantitative. You can't give "human" a size or an age. Our bodies come in all shapes and sizes, but really all our atoms are the same age. Babies are made of the oldest stuff, there's nothing really new about them. The only thing that makes us different is how many pages we've lived as walking stories.

Whatever you do, don't ignore the big soul in that little body.
And when a little flame is snuffed out before her time, feel yourself ache oh so hard and deep, because she mattered something special.

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