tale of today

12:48 AM

You hurt me, bird, when you sing so sweet
I long to trade for wings these feet
You wound me, breeze, with your embrace
I ache anew each caress and trace
Oh sun don't shine so radiant bright
For sear this happy soul, you might
Mountains cease your purple scape
I long beyond, to seek, to traipse
You flowers, wild; fair petals, leaves
you steal my heart like lurking thieves
Dappled shade, why must you play
The forest floor your winsome way
Oh gentle doe, so silent shy
I'm stone entranced as you glide by
Do stop it, trees, that thing you do
The way you rule, the way you move
I fear my heart is full to burst
Your beguiling charms I count accursed
To feel, to breathe in nature's symphony
I'm lost, I'm found, such heady agony!

Copyright Alexa Sleadd

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