Jesus isn't safe.

1:51 PM

He really isn't.
Good, but not safe.

I think we sometimes look to human traditions and philosophies to short-cut pain or dysfunction. We play it safe, you know what I mean?
We think if we follow all the rules we'll earn a perfect marriage, a perfect family, a perfect life.
Aye, Christ promises blessing in our obedience, but that blessing is in HIM, not in the outcomes of our choices.

For example, if I said "I did drugs, I was miserable: don't do drugs," I'm not saying that sobriety is the secret to happiness. You can find miserable sober people all over the place. 
If I said "I dated, got burned; try courtship" don't assume that courtship will magically guarantee you a fairy-tale romance. 
And homeschooling your multitudinous offspring won't usher them into perfection.
It's a broken crazy world, and all we need is Jesus. We can't tithe, attend, discipline, abstain, and eat non-gmo-organic our way to heaven. 
So when your suitor doesn't suit, your marriage isn't bliss, and your kids snooze through Saxon, don't demand a refund. 
Jesus doesn't advertise any guarantee but Himself; so in Him we shall be wildly free, madly unsafe, and perfectly loved; what more could we possibly need?

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