White Wall Tires!

9:09 AM

The other Saturday, I was drifting through my favorite junk shop, the "Y Swap Meet" (where three streets make a y out of the parking lot) and I blinked twice at a bicycle.

Girly beyond reason. Aqua; a color I've long avoided for its blatant popularity graced this bicycle in complement to a once-white of neglect.
Must have, was my thought.

I tore out of the parking lot, narrowly missing the world-war-esque pothole to get to the atm. Upon my return, with cold cash in hand, I encountered a lady pushing the bike around the shop with an affection in her eyes that bode ill.
I whispered to the vendor, "am I too late?"
"Oh she's just trying it out, I didn't know if you'd be back, sweetie!"
Sweet relief.
Four or five of the vendors crowded to congratulate me and tell me how Back In the Day When They Were Young they biked to university and all over for that matter. Between the bunch of us a wrench was somehow procured and a quarter hour of dismemberment, a donated bungee cord and a dirty sock secured the bike in my trunk.

"I'll be back sometime!" I shouted with small-town sentiment of heart, and they waved me off. I hit the pothole on my way out.

How different the world is outside my car! Now I pedal to work with a certain wonder.  I have twice the observation time, the wind in my hair and the smells to savor.

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